1st International Workshop on Building and Simulation (BAS 2024):
Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation

May 13-14, 2024
Syracuse, NY, USA

May 13

NSF Workshop on Implication of Urban Scale Occupant Behavior
for Resilient Building Design, Operation and Policy Making


May 14

The 17th CHAMPS Forum and Workshop & Annex 92 Kick-off Event


BAS 2024 will focus on the topic of multi-scale building modeling and simulation, contributing to apply innovative methodologies to optimize buildings and cities, creating spaces that prioritize human health, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency, setting a benchmark for the future of construction and design.

Welcome to BAS 2024!

The accurate simulation and prediction of building energy consumption are crucial prerequisites for energy-saving in buildings. Most existing research has focused on evaluating and optimizing the energy consumption of individual buildings, which has already found widespread application. However, at the urban scale, maximizing the utilization of renewable resources and optimizing district energy systems operation has become an urgent issue awaiting resolution in urban planning and district energy system design. Accurate urban energy consumption prediction models play a crucial role in influencing designers' estimations for planning and design, as well as aiding decision-makers in formulating energy policies and pricing. However, for models operating at larger spatial scales, overly simplifying the urban environment can result in significant biases. In contrast to individual buildings, urban-scale building models are influenced by a multitude of factors: human mobility, urban morphology, and urban microclimates, etc.

Important Dates

May. 13 - 14, 2024

Workshop Day

April. 25, 2024

Presentation Documents Submission Deadline

April. 25, 2024

Registration Deadline

Feb. 15, 2024

Acceptance Notification Begin

Feb. 01, 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline

Call for Abstracts

BAS 2024 will include keynote and invited speeches, plenary sessions, oral presentations, and poster sessions on following topics:

  • Urban Scale Energy Modeling and Air Quality
  • Occupant-centric Building Design and Operation
  • Control and Optimization of Indoor health Environment
  • Advances in Building Energy Modeling and Simulation
  • Modeling, Simulation and Treatment of Indoor Air Quality

No full paper is needed for your participation!

High-quality papers will be recommended in special issuses of the following 2 journals:

  • Building Simulation
  • journal1
  • International Journal of Ventilation
  • journal2

Submission Guidelines

The workshop will accept the submissions of original work or work in progress. The abstract should be written in English, including the title, the authors' names, organizations, and contact information. The confirmation e-mail will be sent back immediately after successful submission. Please indicate in the title of your e-mail whether this is a student submission.

SUBMISSION E-MAIL: bas2024abstract@gmail.com

Once your abstract has been accepted, you will receive an invitation e-mail. The authors of the accepted abstracts will be invited to present their work during BAS2024. The designated types are oral presentations and posters, which differ in the follow-up documents required to be submitted.

    Oral presentation Slides Template
  • MS PowerPoint Slides for oral presentation in 20 minutes (follow your own style but use template above as the front page);
    Posters Posters Template
  • One-page 48" Ă— 36" poster in color;
  • A pre-recorded video in 3-5 minutes as a brief introduction;

  • For posters, the local printing service is unavailable so please print your poster and bring it to the site.
  • For slides and videos, please submit them by email to bas2024abstract@gmail.com before April 29, 2024.
  • Student Poster Competition

    We are thrilled to invite all students (postdoctors not included), the next generation of researchers, engineers, and industry professionals to participate in the BAS2024 Student Poster Competition. This is a remarkable opportunity for students worldwide to showcase their research and talents on a global platform!

    As a student, upon acceptance of your submission, you will be automatically entered into this exciting competition. To complete your participation, simply submit your poster and a pre-recorded 3-minute commentary video. Seize this opportunity to contribute to the conversations at BAS2024 with your innovative research!

    Make sure to indicate in the title of your submission e-mail whether this is a student submission.

    Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 poster submissions! And special thanks to the National Science Foundation for its travel sponsorship of eight participating students.


    Registration Deadline: April 15th

    Participants can register for a single day or both days of the conference:


    Full Conference Registration

    One-Day Registration

    $309/person $169/person
    Access to All Sessions
    Full Access
    5.13 - 5.14
    Full Access on the chosen day (Please carefully review the schedule before choosing which day to attend.)
    Lunch, Dinner, and Refreshments Both Available
    5.13 - 5.14
    Available on the chosen day

    How to Register

    The registration for BAS2024 consists of the following two steps:

  • STEP 1: fill out the following form
  • STEP 2: Click the button to pay for registration
  • Invitation Letters

    If you need an official invitation letter for visa application, please contact bas2024info@gmail.com.

    Invited Keynote Speakers 

    Doctor Tianzhen Hong

    Dr. Tianzhen Hong
    Senior Scientist and leader of the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
    Topic: Multi-Scale Modeling of Building Decarboniztaion and Climate Resilience

    Professor Yuguo Li

    Prof. Yuguo Li
    Chair Professor of Building Environment of Department of Mechanical Engineering , The University of Hong Kong
    Topic: to be updated

    Professor Christian Serre

    Prof. Christian Serre
    Research director of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France.
    Topic: Metal-Organic Frameworks as Versatile, Sustainable Energy Saving Adsorbents for IAQ Applications

    Professor Jarad Mason

    Prof. Jarad Mason
    Professor of Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University, USA
    Topic: Barocaloric Heat Pumps for Sustainable Heating and Cooling


    Conference Chairs

    Chair: Prof. Bing Dong

    Syracuse University

    Co-Chair: Prof. Jensen Zhang

    Syracuse University

    Organizing Committee

    Prof. Zheng O'Neill

    Texas A&M University

    Prof. Da Yan

    Tsinghua University

    Prof. Nina Wilson

    Syracuse Univerisity

    Prof. Bess Krietemeyer

    Syracuse University

    Prof. Menghao Qin

    Danish Technical University

    Prof. Jin Wen

    Drexel University

    Prof. Clinton J. Andrews

    Rutgers University

    Prof. Yongxin Tao

    Cleveland State University


    Conference Venue

    BAS2024 will be held at   Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems, 727 E Washington St, Syracuse.

    Accommodation Recommendations


    • Abstract Submission:

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